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Let's Talk About Mediation

Work to resolve family disputes by utilizing different strategies to achieve the desired result and ultimately come to an amicable agreement.


Mediation is conducted at a slower pace than a court hearing, allowing the parties to discuss the situations and issues that are important to them and that a judge might not necessarily want to hear. 


Are there sensitive issues that have been difficult for you or your family to discuss? If so, mediation is a valuable service that can help facilitate discussions.

My Mission 

as your Mediator

My mission is to facilitate constructive dialogue, empower individuals, and guide parties toward mutually beneficial resolutions. I am committed to promoting effective communication, fostering understanding, and a collaborative environment where conflicts can be resolved peacefully.

Jennifer Johnson - Through the Journey

Mediation Services


Conflict Mediation

Conflict mediation provides an alternative to adversarial methods and empowers parties to actively participate in finding solutions that meet their unique needs and interests.


Family Mediation

Family mediation focuses on improving communication, enhancing understanding, and finding mutually acceptable solutions.



With self-mediation, the individual acts as both the disputant and the mediator. They engage in a structured process to help explore their thoughts, emotions, and potential solutions to a conflict they are experiencing.

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