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Jennifer Johnson - Through the Journey

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Welcome to my interview and podcast page! Here, you'll find a collection of insightful conversations and inspiring stories shared on various platforms. As a passionate advocate for mindful living and personal growth, I've had the privilege of connecting with incredible individuals who are making a difference in the world. Tune in, engage, and let's embark on this journey of discovery together.


All Things Come to an End - A Through the Journey Novel
Through the Journey with Jennifer

All Things Come to an End - A Through the Journey Novel

Coming July 2020! Pre-Order your copy today at “All things come to an end so there can be beautiful new beginnings.” Twenty-seven-year-old Destinee Clark learns this in more ways than one. After a recent breakup with an abusive, dominant man, she decides to give up on love to focus on finishing law school and building her career. A career opportunity leads her back to her hometown in Virginia—a place she vowed she would never return to after leaving for college to Washington, D.C. She meets Chris Richardson, who finds his way to her heart and changes her life in ways she never expected. Destinee learns everything in life comes at an expense, and nothing and no one is exempt from loss, illness, and unexpected change. Through pain and struggle, Destinee learns that some things are beyond her control. That when we are born into this world we are only guaranteed one thing, a death date. There’s not much else that can be controlled. Her journey through hurt, heartache, and disappointment stretches her beyond her natural limits, and she clings to the hope that she will grow stronger. * * 🌍 Connect with me ↓ ► Instagram: @Iamjenniferjohnson and @_throughthejourney ► Facebook: @Authorjenniferjohnson and @throughthejourney ► Website: and * * If you have not done so already, make sure you subscribe to both of my mailing list so you never miss an update

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